Living on Purpose – the power of a personal vision statement

The dust has well and truly settled after the fireworks of the
New Year and we are now charging into the year at an accelerated pace. You may feel that those New Year resolutions are just distant memory but for some, they were just a start.  I was privileged to spend a weekend away in January with a small group thinking through a vision statement for their lives and how they could take steps to put those visions into practise – no small task!

Catalyst Trust run their Love is a Verb course every year. It aims to train and equip people to work in areas of urban deprivation and deals with issues such as addictions, prostitution, domestic violence, homelessness and more.  A significant part of the course is defining a personal vision statement and helping participants be intentional and ‘live on purpose’ (a phrase coined by Tom & Christine SineLiving on Purpose’).

‘To fight injustice with every bone in my body!’ was the inspiring statement coined by a criminal justice lawyer on the course.  Others were more general and included; ‘to show a way of life that is best of all’ and some were more specific about working with low income families, youth or orphans. Another person worked in media and wants, ‘to eradicate negative images of women in the media’.

Completed vision statements were written on post-it notes and then put up on the wall.  I was really encouraged to see these statements of purpose reminding me that we are all part of Christ’s body and are each called to play our own part in bringing God’s love and hope to a broken world.

Mine was, ‘To love outrageously, live wisely and courageously encourage.’  It’s scary to share it and to know it’s out there now – I’ll report back how I’m doing with living this out in the months to come…

Hayley Teague

About Livability Community Engagement

Part of Livability, a national Christian disability and community engagement charity. We are an enabling network, tackling barriers in society to make community livable.
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