Happiness Leaders day

Happy CourseBeing happy can half your risk of heart disease. Happy people are more likely to get married, and for those marriages to last. Happy people are more creative and more productive. Happiness is much more than a passing feeling – it has an impact on health, relationships, career and the community as a whole. That’s why Livability is developing tools to help people find happiness.

Livability’s Happiness Course saw an exciting development in November. Twenty six church workers and community leaders spent a day with Livability, learning how to run the course in their neighbourhoods. They came from gritty Kings Cross and leafy Sussex, urban Manchester and rural Devon. It’s encouraging that people from such contrasting places all see happiness as an important issue for their neighbours.

And as Livability trains people to run The Happiness Course, it means that our impact is multiplied. More people are learning tools and resources to live a happier life  – which makes us happy!

If you would like to run The Happiness Course in your neighbourhood, we’ll be running two more courses in the spring – one in Liverpool and another in London. www.thehappinesscourse.com

About Livability Community Engagement

Part of Livability, a national Christian disability and community engagement charity. We are an enabling network, tackling barriers in society to make community livable.
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