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Can you be a friend in 1,000?

Dementia is a rising challenge. By 2021, over a million British people will have dementia; people in your neighbourhood, your church, maybe in your family. Dementia is a condition which impairs people’s ability to think, remember and make choices, often … Continue reading

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Happiness Leaders day

Being happy can half your risk of heart disease. Happy people are more likely to get married, and for those marriages to last. Happy people are more creative and more productive. Happiness is much more than a passing feeling – it … Continue reading

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Over the past couple of days I have heard the story of the Salvation Army matchbox factory. It is an inspiring story, where the Church stepped up to do what was not being done by society. So often, we complain … Continue reading

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Lights in Darkest England

Today our guest blogger is Nick Coke, a captain in the Salvation Army. He tells the story of his churches campaign to achieve the living wage for those in the community. An inspiration, demonstrating how much can be achieved when … Continue reading

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The Happiness Course

The Happiness Course has been getting some great attention recently. We were written about in the Telegraph and a great response came from Jim McManus. A few weeks ago the FT published two articles on Happiness as well (The Pursuit of … Continue reading

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Skivers and Strivers

The cuts have had a huge impact on many peoples lives. The problem is that so often we just don’t know what that effect is! This website is a brilliant way of bridging the gap between those claiming benefits and those who hear … Continue reading

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